Here are three affordable membership options depending on how much yoga your lifestyle allows
(if you like paying a whole lot for yoga, please see the drop in rate on the purchase page)

4x per month $40

choose this if you want to practice one time per week

8x per month $75

choose this if you like to practice 2 times per week

infinity $108

choose this if you want to practice as much as you can

About Memberships: 

Paper contract must be signed in the studio for your membership to take affect.
Memberships require 6 month commitment. 
Memberships paid monthly will renew automatically.
Memberships renew on the same same day they began each month going forward.
Memberships are non refundable in part or full after auto-draft has gone through.
Memberships are not refundable under any circumstances.
Membership AUTO PAYS require a 30 day written notice to discontinue, even after the original agreement has ended.
Your Membership will auto-renew each month indefinitely until you cancel your contract.