If we don't answer your questions here; feel free to head over to our contact page and reach out to us there. We promise to get back to you right away.  

I am on vacation. Can I come to class?

Yes. Drop in classes are $15, or we have an Infinity Week Pass that allows you to practice as much as you want for $45.

Staying a little longer?

A month Infinity Pass is $150

3 month Infinity Pass is $325

Do you have mats I can borrow?

Also, Yes. 


what do I wear?

Comfortable, breathable clothes. Yoga is practiced with bare feet.


what do i bring?

All you really need is yourself and an opened mind. If you have a mat or other props you like to use, please bring those. It's a good idea to bring a water bottle (we have a refilling station) and a towel especially if you are coming to a hot class.



We offer a free* basic vinyasa class on the 1st Sunday of the month. The class is 30 minutes and is for students that are new to vinyasa (linking breath with movement). 

*donations accepted

Most of our classes are all levels. There are modifications for every pose and our instructors are trained to help you make each pose work in your body, regardless of experience. They are there at least 15 minutes prior to class and 15 minutes after class to answer any questions you may have. 


do you offer yoga for kids?

Yes! We love our little yogis and have specific karma kids classes on Saturday afternoons and Thursdays after school. We ask that kids under 12 attend those classes only please. 


When is beach yoga?

Great question! Beach yoga is a ton of fun and we LOVE to be outdoors, but we tend to save beach yoga for special events, like full moon yoga. 



Before class:

Arrive a little early, class starts right on time out of respect for instructors and students. Doors will open 15 minutes prior to class and lock at the start of class. Complete new student forms, ask questions, say hello, and settle in. Take off your shoes, silence your phone, and leave them both along with your worries, at the door.  In addition to mats, there are blocks, bolsters, straps and other props available that you are welcomed to use. Please introduce yourself to your neighbor, we are all a part of this community.


During class:

Open your mind. Yoga teachers can say some odd things that you may not have heard before, try to listen without judgement and be open to new perspectives and ideas.

Take care of your body. Listen to it, not your ego; the poses are just shapes and they will come in time. Remember, as long as you are breathing you are doing yoga. Take child's pose, a water break, or step out of the room at any time. The instructor is just your guide, it is YOUR practice. 


After class:

Take all the time you need to enjoy moments of silence before you speak or move; there is no hurry to leave. Please use the available mat spray on studio mats, and feel free to use it on your own as well. All questions and feedback are appreciated.