The Reading Room: A yoga book club
to Oct 26

The Reading Room: A yoga book club

If you like yoga, reading, books, hammocks, relaxing, anf friends you re invited to hang out in The Reading Room. The newest feature of Sol Shine Yoga.


How does this work?


The 4th Thursday of the month (see specific dates below) we will meet for 1 hour at Sol Shine Yoga. The silks will up for first come, first serve cocoon lounging.


The first 30 minutes of the meeting will be a chance to read or journal about the book and the second half will be group discussion.


This is a free event. Please bring wine, snacks, or a donation to contribute when you can.


The first book in this series is The Four Agreements by Don Miguel



The Four Agreements offer a powerful code of conduct that can rapidly transform our lives to a new experience of freedom, true happiness, and love.


A New York Times bestseller for over a decade.


We will discuss one agreement at each meeting over 4 months.


The dates are as follows:

July 27th

August 24th

September 28th

October 26th


Feel free to sign up on the app and tell your friends. Copies of the book are available in the studio, at the library, or fi you would like your very own to keep and take notes in just follow this link:

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Absolute Beginners Headstand Workshop
7:00pm 7:00pm

Absolute Beginners Headstand Workshop

Sol Shine Yoga is hosting a Headstand Workshop Monday, July 3rd from 7PM to 8:30PM. 

This is an intimidation free space to come learn the "How to's" of one of the most fun, challenging, and life changing postures. 

No YTTs or experts allowed. 

You are welcome to attend if: 

You have never tried headstand
You have tried headstand, but it hurts
You can get into headstand, sometimes, but no one ever showed you how
You can get into headstand if you jump just right

In this workshop you will learn alignment, physics, and geometry of Sirsasana before we begin. We will talk about weight distribution, proprioception, and how to elegantly breathe your way into this inversion so you are able to find the same ease here as you do in childs pose. We will practice, share experience and offer feedback to elevate your posture, therefore your practice, therefore your life. 

Let's Get Inverted!

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July Yoga Challenge
to Jul 31

July Yoga Challenge

Ready for a yoga challenge? Join us on Instagram to take part in a fun game of inversion BINGO that will liven up your practice and remind you to spend your summer with your feet up!


Never too late to join, just re-post the BINGO board and start posting your inversion photos. 

Note: You MUST tag the hosts @hello.mermanda.flow @loko.flows this is the only way we can see your photos and send you prizes. 


1 row completed: Sol Shine Yoga Swag Bag
2 rows completed: Sol Shine Yoga Swag Bag +
3 rows completed: 

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Nothing But Sand Beach Clean Up
9:30am 9:30am

Nothing But Sand Beach Clean Up

World Oceans Day celebration

Capt. Hook's Marina & Dive Center & Sol Shine Yoga have organized two ways for the community to be involved in the World Wide Ocean Clean Up this Thursday, June 8th

DIVERS! Hooks is offering discounted snorkle and dive trips all day long. 

YOGIS! Amanda will lead a group of beach combers on Cocoplum at 9:30 to collect litter, debris, junk, and rubbish and we will end with a water yoga class and some sandy savasana- this class is in place of the regularly scheduled studio class at 9 am. 

Be a part of the community that cleans up the sea on June 8th and always Take 3 for the sea. 

Bio degradable trashbags, nets, and gloves will be provided. 

For more information on either event please contact
Denise: 305.743.2444

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